“Forward-thinking comic that is years ahead of its time, with a gripping sci-fi story that pulled me in and wouldn’t let me go! This book has great characters, a compelling story” – from a review by MajorSpoilers.com

“A comic with an interesting narrative that leads the reader to think, analyze and ponder the world around him.” – Thunderwave Brazil

Genesis II is set in near-future San Francisco. Humans have mastered space travel and inter-species genetic engineering. Governments are in shambles, and corporations operate as nation-states with private militia.

Lisa, a scientist researching ground-breaking – and potentially world-ending – technology, has attracted the attention of a malevolent corporate tyrant. Daniel, along with his GMO animal hybrid guardians, fights to rescue Lisa and prevent global genocide.

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Genesis II now available as a 136 page book and download!

Genesis II Origins – An Open Letter to the Fans of Genesis II

I was in love with the medium of comics before I could even read. The pictures, word balloons and captions told more of a story than any word only medium. I began drawing my own cartoons for myself and then my friends. Gory, silly, complex, erotic? It was always good for me when I was creating.

Before I go on, I had a really incredible friend by the name of Daniel Wu who became a major big screen actor in Hong Kong and China become the muse for the protagonist (aptly named after him) for Genesis II. I even named Lisa after Daniel’s wife. Daniel is a tremendously hard working actor, producer and director. He deserves some credit for inspiring me to get this project going.

So welcome to another creation…this website. You can see and hear the thoughts of the artists, editors, and all the behind the scenes action. The content will continue to grow.

Always giving my All,

Allen Ling
Co-creator, Principal of Genesis II

Genesis II Animatics

Genesis II @ Comic-Con San Diego 2019

Meet Actress and Model, Beteal Mahari as Lisa at SDCC 2019!

Genesis II @ Comic-Con San Diego 2018

Comic Con ’18 – Photo Montage

Andrew Brown interviews Genesis II Illustrator,  Christian Boe

Genesis II @ WonderCon 2018

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