Genesis II: Digital Issue #3

  • 32 pages in PDF format
  • Full-color
  • Extra bonus pages
  • Download is 12MB. For iPhone or iPad users, Apple declares that iOS 11+ permits large downloads to mobile devices. We recommend downloading the book from a desktop or laptop computer and transferring it to your mobile device using iCloud or iTunes (if you don’t use iCloud).

Lisa meets Vogt in his massive sea fortress. He is the evil mastermind behind world terrorism and learns of his plans to kill all world leaders using her human identification technology. The terrorists led by Vogt track down Danny and attempt to steal the information Lisa sent to him, then destroy his lab and kill him. Their actions then incur the wrath of Argo, Egor and Cap. Danny escapes with his GMO defenders to a hidden research citadel in the mountains, where he encounters Elon Musk III, his benefactor, rescuer and mentor. Musk has plans for Danny and his creations to rescue Lisa and attack Musk.