IndieReader Review of Genesis II

by | Sep 9, 2018 | Reviews

By Jessica Thomas | Read the original review

Scientist Daniel lives in a San Francisco of the future where familiar architecture mingles with aquatic upgrades to keep the city’s population afloat. Drones rule the skies above while corporations have seized power after the government crumbled into ruin. To enforce their authority, private military factions have swept in to exert their hostile and violent strength over vulnerable residents. Daniel’s estranged childhood friend and scientist Lisa has just captured the interest of one of these corporations with her coveted thermal ID technology. Eager to use it for nefarious and deadly purposes, Lisa is taken hostage by the corporation’s despotic CEO. In order to save her life and the lives of everyone around the globe, Daniel and his cadre of genetically-enhanced animals must stop the malicious corporation in its tracks.

The first in a series of graphic novels, GENESIS II is an action-packed, ambitious debut entry. Some of the storytelling elements may feel very familiar to longtime fans of comic books and popular science fiction franchises, but GENESIS II uses these as a jumping-off point to build a fascinating, and at times brutal world of its own.

Beautiful artwork with stunning backdrops and vivid colors help flesh out this unique take on San Francisco—from Daniel’s gritty underwater laboratory to the manmade island of the evil tyrant Vogt where his armada of weaponized boats keep guard. The characters are just as memorable; Lisa in particular is a formidable presence all her own, her words just as sharp as her fists. While she does need Daniel’s help in escaping the clutches of Vogt and protecting her life’s work, she never comes across as a damsel in distress. The narrative moves along at quite a clip, introducing supercharged robots, faceless warriors, and sleek technology to pile on the conflict.

Daniel’s genetically-enhanced “GMO animal hybrids” round out his superhero team, each with their own exceptional attributes. Ardo, Daniel’s half-canine, half-armadillo hybrid makes for a fierce, armored protector. All of them have their own personalities, too, and their origins lend some intrigue to the story. GENESIS II both concludes in a satisfying way while teasing threads of more to come, promising future adventures in this exciting new series.

GENESIS II mixes familiar science fiction elements to offer a vividly rendered superhero tale with a cast of unique and memorable characters. An interesting take on a future America, this first installment promises adventure and high-stakes action.

~Jessica Thomas for IndieReader