Self-Publishing Review of Genesis II

by | Jun 30, 2018 | Reviews

By John Staughton | June 28th, 2018 | View Original Article

Graphic novels may have spent decades in the shadow of comic books, but the genre continues to expand and progress, as shown in the electric new graphic novel, Genesis II, by Allan Ling and Christian Boe, a stunning artistic and storytelling achievement.

The core of the story is the friendship between two young boys who grow up to be incredible scientists in a strange, dystopian future. Joining forces to battle for freedom, they draw on their lifelong friendship and the strength that has brought to both of them, taking on a monster who would see the world’s population eliminated.

In a true sci-fi style, the world that the artists have created is vivid and haunting, while the writing that accompanies it is stark, powerful and carefully chosen. Combining the elements of writing and art is a wildly underrated form of genius, and the collaborative effort to create this graphic novel is proof of that. This story ranges from deeply emotional to highly philosophical and even prophetic, without ever losing its sense of humor or wonder. The strong presence and connection of animals, and the role they play in this wild, action-packed future, is also a unique glue that holds the entire story together.

Genesis II is a beautifully depicted morality tale and a frightening vision of the future all wrapped into one, and the artistry dripping from every page is endlessly original.